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The best way to manage compressed files for Android


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AndroZip File Manager is a tool through which you can compress and decompress files whenever you want from an Android device. And what's best, you can manage your content, organize into folders, and move it from side to side through a simple interface that is adapted for touchscreen devices.

AndroZip File Manager is fully compatible with the vast majority of file formats such as ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2. Open any file in one of these formats from your Android device and it will only be a matter of seconds, after which you can access any content the file has inside.

Another advantage of AndroZip File Manager is it allows you to manage files from its interface. As if you were using Windows Explorer (to give an example of an easy and familiar interface), it is possible to move compressed files and folders from one place to another.

AndroZip File Manager is a two in one tool: first a powerful compressor and decompressor, and secondly an excellent aid in the management of your files.
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